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What are the Types of Mouse Grips for Gaming?

What are the types of mouse grips for gaming?

types of mouse grips for gaming

Your performance in video games is greatly influenced by how you hold your gaming mouse if you are new to gaming. Despite your best efforts, if you have the wrong grip, it is not possible to win over the other player.

Therefore, I'm going to share with you the best mouse grip types based on the video games you play. So let's get started.

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What are the mouse grip styles?

The type of grip you prefer on your mouse is crucial if you want one that is comfortable and meets your performance needs, and Zowie's line focuses on these factors. There is no such thing as too many lights and buttons; the most important factor is comfort and speed. 

There are currently four different styles available, including three symmetrical ones, and, unlike almost all other mice, there's no software or driver to install.

Apart from the shape, your hand size and grip style may determine which mouse you choose. This way, you can find the mouse that is right for you. 

A gamer generally uses one of three grip styles: palm, fingertip, or claw. If you would like to try out all the sizes and shapes, Zowie can provide you with a sample-fitting kit.

Palm Grip: 

Palm Grip

As a result, the full portion of your palm is in connection with the mouse on all sides while holding the mouse normally. It's just like holding your hand over the entire mouse.

Smooth movement and control can be achieved with the Palm grip, but fast movements are difficult to achieve with it. As such, you should choose a palm grip when playing FPS games where you must aim precisely.

As you move your arm more and more with the mouse, you will likely use slower arm movements rather than wrist movements. 

Nonetheless, you will get smoother and more precise cursor movements. Ideally, you will want a mouse with an area large enough for your entire hand to rest on, as well as one sculpted to fit either your right or left hand. 

Pros: More delicate and large gliding movements can be controlled in-game with a more relaxed grip.

Cons: Arms and shoulders can be strained by repeating movements without much precision.

Mouse Type: It is best for use with a higher profile grip, such as Rival 600 and 650.

Claw Grip: 

Claw Grip

It's necessary to hold the hand in a bird's claw grip, as its name suggests. Your fingertips and the edge of the palm are used to grip the mouse.

As the fingers are arched onto the button, the majority of the palm does not touch the mouse at all. The wrist is used to control the majority of the movement. 

This method of holding the mouse works well for MMO games that require quick clicks at multiple places on the screen. A gamer can use claw grip and hit up to 14 times per second using the gaming platform!

Zowie offers grips that are suitable for all types of grips, but they are primarily designed for eSports. You can expect to see a mouse with more features, LEDs, or all of the above, both wireless and wired, coming soon. 

Testing many new models is currently underway, and we will return with full recommendations. We will test any model you suggest in the comments, so please let us know if there is one you think we should test. 

Pros: The glide motion is faster, the stability is better, and the precision is better.

Cons: Accuracy is compromised by speed, while high finger arches can cause faster strain.

Mouse Type: The Rival 710 or 600 features a high-to-medium profile and ergonomics

Finger Tip Grip: 

Finger Tip Grip

In this grip, the mouse is held with the fingers, and the buttons are clicked with the fingers. With a fingertip grip, no palm needs to be used. Instead, the wrist and elbow serve as the primary sources of movement.

Multiple benefits are associated with this grip. In the first place, it allows the mouse to move freely and quickly. In addition, you can play for longer periods. Smaller gaming mice are definitely a good option for players who prefer that size.

That's how you can hold the gaming mouse in three different ways. Decide what grip type best suits you and get to play.

An opposite grip is a fingertip grip. With your palm always up and off the mouse, only your fingertips are on the mouse. In this position, the mouse can be easily lifted and precise movements can be made. Having a lightweight mouse will make you appreciate the position. 

Wear a smaller, low-profile one that weighs less than 100 grams (3.5 oz.). Every major gaming mouse manufacturer has added ultralight models to its lineup in the past year or two. 

Pros: Rapid mouse clicks and faster reaction times.

Cons: Having less agility makes mastering it more challenging.

Mouse Type: These mice feature anti-slip surfaces and lightweight mobility, such as the Rival 110.

What is the right way to hold a gaming mouse?

It depends on your own preferences as well as what game you're playing how to hold a gaming mouse properly. 

The grip on your mouse and the size and weight of your hand will determine which grip will work for you, as well as the advantages of certain grips.

Simply watching your hand position while you play is the easiest way to figure out what you use. 

If you're not comfortable with a particular grip, experiment with others until you find a solution and then choose a new mouse. 

The best grip is the one that works for you; there is no correct grip. 

With my palm and fingertip grips, I find the latter to be better for games such as FPS, whereas the palm grip is more comfortable and causes less wrist discomfort. 

Here's a brief description of each grip type in case you're unsure what type you are. 

DO: Your wrists should remain straight as you hold the mouse, and your arms should be parallel to your body. Your hand should rest on the desk. 

When you can, try to rest and stretch your hands, shoulders, and wrists every hour. WebMD offers these tips to help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.

There is no right way, just YOUR way.

Depending on the game, a certain grip might work better than another. Experiment with different grips to find the one you prefer.



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